We give you the option of pay it in installments. Put yourself in contact us via by phone or email and we will help!

To save it your item, you advance 20% of the value of the bag

For the next 60 days you just paid us. You can choose a single payment or several. Tic, tac, tic, tac ... We almost have your order packed!

Once payment is completed with the total value of your bag we will send. We hope you enjoy it very much!


As you may have already seen, at Last Love we like Chanel bags.

If you have one, and you want to sell it to us:

  1. Fill out our premium service form and send it to us at
  2. Within 48-72h. We respond to you with the offer that we propose for your article. You can accept or reject it from us.
    There is no compromise of any kind!
  3. You send us your bag.
  4. You get your money for the bag.

Try it, you will love it!


As we like to give the best product to our clients we do not admit:

  • 0% counterfeit tolerance.
    We believe that there is a lot of work and effort in creating these types of pieces, they do not deserve to be copied!
  • Products in very bad condition, with a lot of use.
  • We do not accept any other type of items / brands.

From here we thank you for making everything more beautiful and more lovely!



We like that our bags are vintage and that most of they are over 15 years old. With your purchase you support many positive factors:

  • You invest in a product that you are passionate about and encourage ‘Buy less,wear more’.
  • You favor the circular economy, we need a more eco-friendly world and more aware.
  • We comply with the three R's: We reduce the purchase of products new, we reuse and recycle.

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