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Second hand and vintage


Sometimes it tends to confuse the concepts of second hand and vintage, that's why we should know the difference between them.

It is defined as second hand to the garment that has already been used by someone and that has been someone else's.

But in the case of vintage, you can define how the garments that do not have to have been used, but that are from other times and of great quality, with incredible fabrics and wonderful cuts. This means that few products are found and that in many cases they are revalued with the passage of time. The vintage makes each piece a unique garment.

We can also find another term, the retro, but in this case it is about garments that simply evoke the past, but they do not necessarily have to belong to it, or even have been designed in other times. They only use the aesthetics of another era trying to appeal our nostalgia.

There is currently a boom with this type of garments, each time they are valued and appreciated more, especially in the case of brands in the luxury sector.

This growth is due to the change in the form of consumption we have had in recent years and public figures, such as certain celebrities, insiders of the fashion sector, influencers and even the designers who have made it fashionable.

In many cases, collectors and fashionistas offer their clothes, of great signatures, both of past decades and of more recent seasons, and often even with the label on.

Premium second-hand garments can be items that can be cheaper than if we bought them new and that are also in perfect condition, like new.

Although others, when dealing with very specific garments, either by fabrics, special materials, numbered series or collections that are revalued when the creative director of the firm goes ... they raise their price, being higher than the original price.

It is also interesting in pieces from other collections that we did not buy at the time and that we no longer find in stores, they can be found here, in second-hand stores and in Last Love.

When we refer to making good purchases and acquisitions that are worthwhile, what products are we talking about?

There is a wide range of products that are worth buying at second hand, always of course, authentic.

A good investment could be Hermès, the most iconic, the Birkin or Kelly, which we find in different sizes and materials, such as: Barenia natural, tanned calf, buffalo, chamonix, chevre de coromandel, chevre mysore, clemence, ante doblis, epsom, evercalf, evergrain, fjord or exotic skins such as the lizard, crocodile mate, bright crocodile, or the ostrich skin ... these would be some of them, but the list could continue.

The other firm that is the object of desire, Chanel. From the model Wallet on Chain, Boy or 2.55; the most iconic bag of the maison and where every season Karl Lagerfeld is in charge of reversioning it, changing its size and its material.

The 2.55 that was born from the hand of Coco Chanel, on February 2, 1955 - hence its name; It has a rectangular shape and is padded with aged calfskin. In addition, the metal chain passes through two rings that regulate the height of the handle.

It is a purse that could be a solid investment, due to the continuous revaluation that has acquired during the last years. In fact it has revalued by 70% in the last five years and it seems that this trend will continue to increase in the coming years.

Other interesting brands in second hand, could be Prada, Chloé, Isabel Marant, Céline, Yves Saint Laurent, Fendi, Valentino, Alaïa, Altuzarra, Balmain, Elie Saab, Kenzo, Marc Jacobs, Victoria Beckham, Miu Miu, Moncler, Fay, Narciso Rodriguez, Nº21 Gucci, Givenchy or Christian Dior, all of these, and some of recent creation or alternative brands to the ones of the whole life like Acne Studios, 7 for all makind, The Row, Mansur Gavriel or the breakthrough Vetements.

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